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Road Trip Planner with the Family: How to Stay Sane

Posted on | September 4, 2013 | No Comments

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Road Tripping with the Family: How to Stay Sane

RVing with the family across the open road is a great idea for a vacation or a weekend getaway. Kids will make new friends, see new things and develop an appreciation for the world beyond their home. But how can mom and dad survive a family road trip with their sanity intact? Follow the road trip planner┬átips below and you’ll come out the other side of your vacation unscathed:

1.Driving Safely

Nothing can put more stress on your RV vacation that poor driving. If you’re in the hot seat, you can expect your passenger to harp on your incapability to keep the RV humming down the road. You may even hear your kids chime in with their tiny voices. To avoid this headache, drive as safely as possible. For instance, driving experts suggest following a vehicle to more closely than the distance you can cover in three seconds.


What do you think being stuck on the side of the road will do to your vacation? Not only could it involve costly repairs, but it will spur your family to voice their complaints loudly. Before you head out, make sure that your hitch and coupler are properly installed. Make sure that all of the lights on your RV are working correctly. Get your vehicle inspected and tuned up if necessary. It’s suggested that you stop after you’ve driven 100 miles and recheck all of your connections. 100 miles of driving is often enough to shake loose anything that wasn’t connected properly.


There will come a time during your trip that you think about strapping the kids to the roof so you don’t have to listen to their whining; this is never advisable. Instead, keep them entertained in the car to prevent the whining in the first place. Before you set off on your vacation, buy a small backpack for each child to keep near them in the car. Instruct your kids to pack small toys, coloring books, reading books, crayons and games in their packs. If your children decide to bring along MP3 players or a mobile device, insist that they use earbuds so that you aren’t distracted by the noise.


Kids and adults with their mouths full are less likely to complain. If you have to stop each time someone in the family is hungry, you’ll spend half of your vacation trying to get to your destination. Pack a cooler of healthy snacks that everyone can get into when they feel the munchies coming on. Chopped vegetables, chunks of fruit, granola bars, squeezable yogurt, and squeezable applesauce all make great road-trip snacks. Don’t forget to pack at least three bottles of water for everyone.

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5.Keep Everyone Updated

As the driver, you know where you’re going and how long it’s going to take to get there. If you share your road trip planner and┬ákeep your family updated, you’ll be surprised at how little they complain. Tell your family how much closer you are to your destination periodically. If you’re planning on stopping for a break, tell your kids in how many more minutes that stop will occur. Give your kids landmarks to lookout for, put your passenger in charge of the GPS, or give the kids a frame of reference. For example, tell them you’ll be where you’re going by the time their next movie is finished.

You can survive a road trip with your sanity intact if you just use a bit of pre-planning. Handle the ride in the right way and everyone will enjoy themselves. Follow the tips above to make your family vacation as painless as possible.

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