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Pumpkins 103

Posted on | October 14, 2010 | Comments

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Pumpkin Sunset
Pumpkin in the Afternoon Sun

Getting ready for Thanksgiving guests?

Tearooms, coffee shops and restaurant owners who want to expand their pumpkin pie and pumpkin dessert menu for diners who love all things pumpkin related know it’s the time of year to experiment with fresh new recipes.
At Zester Daily, Terra Brockman writes about the history of pumpkins and which pumpkins are better for baking.  Included is an easy-to-make pumpkin dessert recipe, Pumpkin Raisin Bars, which can be frozen and served as needed.  Make the bars and freeze.  Make the cream cheese frosting, refrigerate and use as needed with defrosted Pumpkin Raisin Bars.  The recipe works well for commercial kitchens that require pre-prepped menu items.

If you’re not a baker but love trivia, the article is worth reading for its upbeat look at pumpkin history.

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