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Valentine’s Day Tea Party Finds

Posted on | January 27, 2013 | Comments

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.  Yes, it exceeds my love of all things Christmas! That’s a huge statement considering that I owned a part-time Santa’s Surplus store for nine years and sold Christmas décor year ’round for about ten years.

Oh! Happy Day!

Valentine’s Day is such a happy day. How can anyone not feel exuberant from all the loving well-wishes, tea parties, chocolate, and warm fuzzies floating in the air. I can already see mini-hearts mixed with the snow flakes drifting by my office windows.  Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration.

Valentine Tea Tasting

Valentine Tea Tasting

Tea Party Ideas

Do you start with your favorite tea as the centerpiece for your Heart Day Celebration? How about a Valentine Tea Tasting? Adagio pops up first for tea ideas – great SEO! and Country Living features a slide show of Valentine Tea Table décor.

Do you start with a tea party centered around scones or desserts? Or what about your favorite Valentine decorations?

Valentine Tarts - Wilton

Wilton’s Valentine Tarts

For me, I start with Hoffman Media, Tea Time Magazine (check out the Pavlova recipe) and Southern Lady. Next to Burton and Burton and Nashville Wraps.

After that, I browse Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Seeing the Wilton Individual Fruit Pies makes my mind travel to where I’d find fresh raspberries (and the number of fat grams in the crust – but they look *small*, don’t they?) and should I serve raspberry-flavored tea? Which raspberry tea? Chocolate Raspberry Truffle or just plain old everyday Raspberry Crème Tea? Which would guests prefer?

Around the ‘Net with Valentine’s Themes

Homeschooling ideas are terrific for tearooms too, especially when you are a DIY owner or you need to rework previous years’ Valentine’s décor.

Urban Homestead in Vancouver, B.C. is hosting Valentine’s Teas.  Although they have a pansy on their tiered tea tray, perhaps violets will be in bloom by then and I can scavenge the outer yard for violets. Checking for wholesale florists because I need to buy in large quantities for table décor as well as giftees, Portland Flower Market is usually my first trek although it seems I cannot better Costco for fresh flowers if needing carnations, roses, baby’s breath, bird of paradise and other anchor plants. But if I need florist picks, gossamer and other floral needs, I might as well go to the market anyway.

Top Party Ideas – yes, they do have some eye-popping, colorful ideas.

King Arthur Flour has numerous Valentine ideas, products and recipes. IKing Arthur Flour - Foodoodler Food Marker love their Foodoodler for making heart shapes on white sugar cubes and for easy cookie decorating.

How about you? Are you teacentric and what ideas or tips can you share for a more sensual experience (taste, smell, visual, music, tactile)? For example, for music, one year local barbershop quartets were offering on-site entertainment for $75 as a fundraiser. Ha! They came to the house and sang wonderfully for a heart-stopping 15 minutes that encored to 30 minutes. Fantastic! and their fundraiser was a huge success in the community.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Feliz San Valentín!  ~ Jennifer

Te Quiero Dijiste

Te quiero dijiste
Tomando mis manos
Entre tus manitas
De blanco marfil
Y sentí en mi pecho
Un fuerte latido
Después un suspiro
Y luego el chasquido
De un beso febril

Mun`equita linda
De cabellos de oro
Tus dientes de perla
Labios de rubí
Dime si me quieres
Como yo te adoro
Si de mí te acuerdas
Como yo de ti

A veces escucho
Un eco divino
Que envuelto en la brisa
Parece decir
Sí te quiero mucho
Mucho mucho mucho
Tanto como entonces
Siempre hasta morir

A veces escucho
Un eco divino
Que envuelto en la brisa
Parece decir
Sí te quiero mucho
Mucho mucho mucho
Tanto como entonces
Siempre hasta morir

A veces escucho
Un eco divino
Que envuelto en la brisa
Parece decir
Sí te quiero mucho
Mucho mucho mucho
Tanto como entonces
Siempre hasta morir
Siempre hasta morir
Siempre hasta morir

Te Quiero Dijiste
(I Love You, You Said)
“I love you,” you said
Taking my hands
Into your little hands
Of white ivory
And I felt in my chest
A heavy pang
Then a sigh
And next the spark
Of a feverish kiss

Pretty little doll
Of golden hair
Your teeth of pearls
Ruby lips
Tell me if you love me
As I love you
If you remember me
As I do you

Sometimes I hear
A divine echo
Enveloped in the wind
It seems to say
Yes, I really love you
So very much
As much as then
Until I die

© 1992 Golden Sands Enterprises, Inc.  ASCAP
All rights reserved.

Sung by Nat King Cole and Available at Amazon

Written by Maria Grever – Lyrics at Lyrics Mode



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