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The Tea Dance at World Tea Expo

Posted on | May 31, 2012 | Comments

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Tea DanceIntroducing A Virtual Tea Dance

Thousands of Tea Business Owners Attend World Tea Expo

World Tea Expo is this weekend, June 1-3, 2012, where thousands of tea entrepreneurs, tea importers, national and international tea vendors meet to see what’s new, to share tea samples, and to meet tea friends both old and new.

World Tea Expo

World Tea Expo

Tea is an ancient beverage however it seems to be that sort of provocative drink that encourages delving deeper into sensory evaluations – akin to wine tasting.  Tea is a reverse kind of snobbery – the longer a person enjoys and studies camellia sinensis, the deeper the respect garnered for tea growing and people involved in all aspects of creating the “perfect cup of tea”.

For me, I imagine that I can tell how long a person has been involved with tea.  Involved being a better word than acquainted because once a person becomes infatuated or involved with tea, it becomes an all-consuming passion. Newbies take heart – your snobbery will slowly evaporate as you become humbled by the gentle art of tea.

Five People You Meet in Tea Heaven

So in planning for World Tea Expo, it came to me that as much as I want to meet every single person out of the nearly 10,000 people attending WTE, I thought of Mitch Albom and the Five People You Meet in Heaven. And I thought, be serious. Are there specifically FIVE people that I must meet in Tea Heaven? Impossible!

Yes, it really was a dream and I began to think of World Tea Expo as being more like a Tea Dance. Yes, I know it’s become a slang word but in my vocabulary, the term dates to a time gone by with dance names like Quadrille, Lanciers, Waltz, Contra-Money Musk, Contra-Virginia Reel, Polka, or the Portland Fancy – enchanting names to describe an elegant afternoon with tea and friends.

Tea Dances

From Wikipedia, a tea dance, or thé dansant (French: literally dancing tea) is a summer or autumn afternoon or early-evening dance from four to seven, sometimes preceded in the English countryside by a garden party. The function evolved from the concept of the afternoon tea, and J. Pettigrew traces its origin to the French colonization of Morocco.

Jane Pettigrew, author, is an expert on Tea Dances? And she’ll be everywhere! at World Te Expo but is generally ensconced at Elmwood Inn and Benjamin Press’s booth – so we can meet her there.

Tea Dance Partners

I’d love to dance with Thomas Shu or Josephine Pan, Norwood and Valerie Pratt, Annelise Pitt at Thistledown Cozies, Lisa Cute-as-a-Button Richardson, Fresh Cup and Jan Weigel, Kyle Stewart – The Cultured Cup, Kirsten Kristensen and my teacup friends at Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association (MATBA), Dan Bolton at Tea a Magazine, and could not miss Cinnabar (Gongfu Girl)!

From the photo below, you can see that we get a little dizzy and funny when taking down our booths after a busy trade show.

Thistledown Cozies

Thistledown Cozies

You are Invited to a Virtual Tea Dance

If you are attending World Tea Expo this weekend, you are invited to attend my Virtual Tea Dance by liking my page on Facebook where there is a Tea Dance tab.

Enter to Win Prizes! Click through and you’ll be taken to a Tea Dance Card with a list of people to meet at World Tea Expo. It’s a small list of a dozen people with eight free choices.

Basically, you’ll meet your tea dance stars, get an autograph or photo, and upload to your Facebook page. Fun, hmmmm?

I am looking forward to seeing your dance card!

Virtual Tea Dance Card

Tea Dance Card

Enjoy World Tea Expo and let the dancing begin!

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Note about photo taking at World Tea Expo – one cannot take photos within the trade show itself. In order to participate in Tea Dance, please take the photos outside the show.

The trade show is privatized due to intellectual property rights and trade secrets of companies and individuals in attendance.

There is much opportunity to connect with Tea Dance Card names on a personal basis outside the show so it’s a perfect opportunity for you to meet the Tea Stars.

About the Author

Jennifer Petersen is a tea enthusiast, Certified Tea Professional, teaches various aspects about tea as a business, and a marketing consultant to the beverage industry. Always fascinated by other people who love tea, she is a life-long student and admirer of those who choose tea as a lifestyle.