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The Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the most powerful natural medicines. There are so many different types and flavors that there is a solution for just about every minor ailment to be found in one type of tea or another and suited to fit just about any persons tastes. Teas can be a source of caffeine for alertness or antioxidants to help clean out your system and improve your health. Some teas can help you relax and sleep. Other types of tea will help your focus and improve your ability to think. Outlined here is a guide to five teas and herbsĀ and their purposes.

Camellia Sinensis - Tea Plant

Green Tea:
Green tea is a light tea with a subtle flavor that has a wide variety of health benefits to many parts of the body. Studies have shown that can improve cognitive functions as well as bone density. More than having these positive effects it helps to prevent a number of serious ailments including some types of cancer, cardiovascular disease and dental cavities. It is very high in antioxidants which are a main contributor to these positive effects. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and help to stabilize both blood sugar and body weight for overall healthfulness.

Black Tea:
Black tea is a darker cousin of green tea, as it has a higher oxidation level than the other, and offers a selection of similar health benefits. Although studies have shown that it has very positive effects on the prevention of cardiovascular maladies, addition of milk to the beverage seems to counteract any of these benefits. The tea contains theaflavin which is not included in the green tea, which is shown to help prevent the incorporation of cholesterol into the body. Overall black tea is the best option that you have for your heart, as far as tea goes.

White Tea:
White tea is the lightest cousin of the green and black teas, is the most lightly oxidized and has the most delicate flavor. Rather than mature tea leaves, this blend uses only the youngest leaves and more so, even, flower buds. This tea has similar antioxidant properties to the related teas and provides a number of the same benefits as the other two. It is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and other essential internal functions. As well as these positive aspects it is also known to have immunity benefits in both the antibacterial and antiviral aspects.

St. Johns WortSt. John’s Wort Tea:
Although it is not a true tea plant tea, this and various other herbal tea blends can prove to be beneficial to overall health. This is a good and natural solution to depression. In some European countries it is even likely to be prescribed for the condition, especially for young people who are not yet fully developed. This should, however, not be considered a reliable cure for severe depression only relief from mild symptoms. It has also been shown, in traditional medicine, to show some anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and pain relieving effects. All around helpful for minor injuries.


RosehipsRose Hip Tea:
Rose hips are another herbal blend that can prove to be very beneficial to your health. It is especially good to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of sicknesses such as the flue and common cold. Along with antioxidant properties similar to the true teas, rose hips are a significant source of vitamin C. In addition it contains, a decent amount of, although not as significant as the C, vitamins A and B. The anti-inflammatory effects have shown it to be helpful in assisting the combat against the aches and pains caused by conditions such as arthritis.

The benefits of drinking a variety of teas is clear and is not nearly limited to the selections mentioned here. There are a number of other herbs that can be brewed for varying effects. Blending these and other plants will make a number of delicious flavors with just as many health benefits.

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