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Specialty Tea Institute in Charleston, S.C.

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Specialty Tea Institute
– Charleston Tea Classes – 2013

STI Tea Graduation Class - Las Vegas

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Charleston STI event is postponed indefinitely. STI classes continue at other locations and venues.  Please check the Tea USA website for an up-to-date schedule. Thank you for reading!

STI, Specialty Tea Institute, is offering an intensive 3-day session in Charleston, SC in which you will not only learn how to hone your presentation skills but also to immediately put them to practical use in a live classroom environment, all under the supervision of seasoned STI instructors and program developers.

  • Shown is the Specialty Tea Institute class with instructors Suzette Hammond, Adagio Tea; Yoon Hee Kim, Tea Classics; Ken Rudee, Barnes & Watson; and Donna Fellman.
  • Do you wish to improve your knowledge of tea while converting that knowledge into a marketable skill?
  • Do you want to participate in a new STI program designed to allow you to perfect your teaching skills?
  • Do you want to become a sought after speaker on the subject of tea?
  • Do you want to apply the skills that you learn in a live classroom environment?

The Train-the-Trainer module is actually developed by the father of the STI Certification Program Richard Guzauskas, and will be taught by Peter Goggi, Executive VP Tea Association of the USA .

Why Are STI Certified Classes Important to You?

Even if you have no desire to become a Specialty Tea Institute instructor, the skills you will learn could be immediately applied to your own business ventures and will better prepare you to take advantage of a new STI program soon to be announced!

Register for STI Classes Today!

Specialty Tea Institute Tea TastingSo don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity with the Specialty Tea Institute and register today for what could become a life-changing experience!

Classes will be held at the DoubleTree Charleston and STI has reserved a special room rate of $139/night + tax.  To ensure reservations at the discounted rate, please make reference to the Specialty Tea Institute by contacting the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites toll free at 877-408-TREE (8733).

For additional information and/or questions, please contact me via email or at (212) 986-0250.  Thank you for your continued support of STI and we hope to see you in class!

Shown below: Marcella Farina, Kyle Stewart, Verna Hamilton

Specialty Tea Institute Teacher and Students

Shown below: Phil Parda, Faith Ann Bailes, Kyle StewartPhil_Faith_Kyle

Advanced Specialty Tea Institute Classes

Other STI Level 4 Classes Include:

Beyond Traditions:

This one day class will explore various regions and countries of origin that include East Africa, Asia and South America. The class will cover information and the manufacturing processes, as well as the genealogy of tea.


This one day class will give students the opportunity to learn the process of blending by working with various teas to produce unique infusions.

Cupping Defective Teas:
The responsibility of tasting tea to assure its quality.  From producer to importer and wholesaler to merchandiser, the ability to discern the evidence of defective manufacturing and handling is an essential tool.  This one day class is an organized, focused examination of the possible causes of defective tea and a must for any person in the industry. 

Technology of Tea:

‘Technology of tea’ refers to the body of knowledge and techniques skillfully employed to create one specific end product: a finished tea leaf that will produce a desirable cup of tea. This one day program investigates the components of the leaf on the bush, and then goes on to examine the factors, and the sciences behind the factors, which transform fresh leaf into finished leaf. Beyond the finished leaf lies the final product – a cup of tea.

STI Classes in Charleston, South Carolina – 2013

“Where History Lives”. Ya’ll come! In addition to the tea classes, there is a Tea Tour at the Charleston Tea Plantation.  This will be an event-filled tea education time that a person will enjoy for a lifetime! Learn more about Charleston, South Carolina.


Charleston Tea Plantation Tour with Specialty Tea Institute

Charleston Tea Plantation

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