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Presentation Tea

Posted on | March 1, 2011 | Comments

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What’s your favorite Presentation Tea?
Admittedly, there are times that I’m a tea snob. That doesn’t mean that my tea nose is up in the air over grocery-store tea or other less expensive teas. And it’s different than being a tea connoiseur or tea sommelier.
Tea Snob: (n) 1: She who enjoys teas’ differing origins, characters, cups and experiences. (n) 2: She who has never cared for “artisan”, “flower” or “presentation tea”.

Primula Tea
My mother bought  a glass teapot w/infuser that included a free package of Primula’s Presentation Tea at a local big box store. We took it for a test drive on Sunday evening and…. drum roll…. it was entertaining as well as decent tasting if you enjoy jasmine.

Although it may never become one of my favorites, it is certainly packaged well (my favorite feature and which may explain the better quality), came with an enclosed re-order form that was long on information of value and short on “buy more”. I liked that feature second best.
Primula has chosen to package their Presentation Tea in individual, sealed packets – one per packet.  Each may be infused up to three times.

Flowering Tea

Flowering Tea, or Presentation Tea, are pod-like affairs that are actually special tea leaves, sometimes as many as 100 tea leaves, that are hand-sewn by artisans into shapes who centers are certain flowers.  What looks like a small ball, bowl or disc may actually infuse and unfurl to reveal clusters of flowers.  Flowers may be jasmine, lily, chrysanthemums, marigolds, roses, globe amaranth, carnations or others.
One of the prettiest flowers is a Chinese Gardener’s Hat.  When hot water is poured over the small round shape; the tea infuses and rises to the top of the water.  A small ribbon of chrysanthemum flowers trail from the brim of a tea hat.

The Primula Tea selections can be found at Amazon. They make a terrific gift or conversation piece.  And what’s your favorite Presentation Tea?

About the Author

Jennifer Petersen is a tea enthusiast, Certified Tea Professional, teaches various aspects about tea as a business, and a marketing consultant to the beverage industry. Always fascinated by other people who love tea, she is a life-long student and admirer of those who choose tea as a lifestyle.



Thanks for providing me avenues of presentation teas. I've used Peach Momotaro from Teavana.