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Japanese Black Tea?

Posted on | October 20, 2010 | Comments

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Chiran Tea Plantation

Chiran Tea Plantation

Japanese Black Tea

Japan is better known for its premium green tea production.  Top product exports from Japan to the USA are cars, motorcycles and computers. It is little wonder then that Japanese black tea is often overlooked when tea enthusiasts explore new teas and search in the major black tea producing countries of China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa.
Although Japan produced black tea as early as 1874, nearly a hundred years later, Japanese high grade black tea production had nearly come to a halt and is primarily for domestic consumption.

Good news for tea drinkers!
Recently, I sampled Serendipitea’s Chiran Black at a Specialty Tea Institutetea class in Seattle where Serendipitea provided generous tea samples to students.  Ellainy Keraboitis and Faith Bailes were sharing cups of tea with us. It was one of those “died and gone to Heaven” moments.

Chiran Black Tea
Chiran Black tea has a light taste with a somewhat floral note to it.  It comes across the palate with a seductive sweetness that beckons cup after cup. The flavor nuances and lighter aroma leave a lingering reminder for days afterwards.  It is highly recommended as a Cuppa Countess favorite.

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