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Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Posted on | June 14, 2011 | Comments

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Facts on Green Tea’s Weight Loss Properties

Green tea’s reputation was built on the fact that it contains antioxidants. This means that it cleanses the body of toxins that would, otherwise, cause negative effects on our health, physical appearance and overall well-being. Presently, green tea has been marketed as a weight-loss product. However, since the product has been repackaged so many times, all over the world, some consumers might be skeptical about this new claim. Is there any truth to it or is this simply a new marketing strategy?

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Green Tea

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In order to determine whether green tea actually helps in weight loss, people need to know what it contains. After all, these factors deliver the health Benefits of Green Tea as shown in the Complete Guide to Nutritional Health Guide.
Caffeine is one of its ingredients. This is a widely known stimulant that has antioxidants and helps improve one’s skin. However, there are new green tea products in the market that do not contain caffeine.

Another factor that makes weight loss possible, in green tea, is “catechin”. Catechins prevent glucose from becoming absorbed by fat cells. This action inhibits the increase of fats. They also act as glucose regulators. After eating, what normally happens is that, there is an increase in glucose levels in our bodies. High concentrations of Catechin plyphenols slow down this process. Insulin, a chemical promoting fat storage, is inhibited from doing its job.

Theanine is also present in green tea. It is responsible for converting tryptophan, an amino acid, into serotonin. This affects our memory, appetite, energy levels and moods. It also promotes the functions of the hormones, heart and muscles.

Backed Up By Science
In Japan, animal studies using mice were done before eventually conducting tests on human subjects. The mice were fed high fat food and were given green tea extract as well. As much as 47% decrease in weight gain was experienced by mice that took green tea extracts. The ones, which were given green tea and exercised; weight gain reduction was 89%. The time frame for this experiment was approximately 15 weeks.
Results for the human tests were also promising. For 12 weeks, subjects, who were Japanese men, were given 690mg of catechin in their green tea drinks. By taking the recommended 3-5 cups daily, one can maximize green tea’s effectiveness. This helps individuals to burn additional 70 calories a day. Take note that this is not yet inclusive of an exercise regimen.
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition supports the fact that green tea extract boosts metabolism. Tests have proven that within 24 hours of taking it, a person’s metabolic rate can increase by 4%. Cathechins increase thermogenesis. This is the speed at which our bodies burn calories.
Green tea can truly help people who struggle with weight gain. It can be your best ally if you are determined to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It won’t, however, miraculously help one lose weight when that person increases the amount of food intake and does not have much physical activity the whole day.

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