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Elephants in the Tea Garden

Posted on | December 9, 2011 | Comments

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Tea and Elephants?

Asiatic Elephants

Asiatic Elephants

The November, 2011, issue of National Geographic was practically dog-eared when I finished reading and rereading the article about Daphne Sheldrick’s work with Orphan Elephants in Africa. The article gave an in-depth revelation of elephants’ family lives and it was easy to see the similarity between elephant behavior and human behavior.

Elephants in View

It was with much speculation about what motivates all of us that I read the news about elephants invading a tea garden in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal yesterday.  From Newstrack India comes the following recap:

Angry Elephants in a Tea Garden

A herd of angry elephants from neighbouring forest wreaked havoc on a tea garden in Nagrakata block in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal on Wednesday.

The locals tried to drive out the animals from the tea plantations however, angered by the presence of a dog, the elephants (tuskers) came rushing towards the tea gardens.
“We led the elephants away from the tea gardens. We were leading them the other way, but they could not go down the slope. Then the elephants got angry due to the presence of a dog and turned around and came upwards. And right now around five or six elephants are here and later many people also gathered over here,” said Rohit, one of the tea garden guards.

The presence of over five tuskers in the area drew a crowd of curious onlookers to the tea gardens. According to the residents, the elephants came in the area to eat paddy crop.

Elephants in India

India has over 50 per cent of world’s Asiatic elephants, unlike other animals, the elephants do not have marked territories, as they tend to roam from one place to another in search of water and food.

Instances of wild elephants entering into tea estates and other areas, where human beings reside are quite common because of human encroachments on elephant habitats, which restrict their movement leading to man-animal conflict.

The Asiatic elephants are commonly found in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malay Peninsular, Vietnam, Cambodia, Java and Laos. Courtesy Jalpaiguri, Dec 8 (ANI).

Tea Garden in West Bengal

Tea Garden in West Bengal

Tea Gardens in India

Note: India has approximately 13,000 tea gardens and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of tea. India Tea Garden

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