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Easy Book Collections with Collectorz

Posted on | January 30, 2013 | Comments

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 Book_CollectorzLibraries and Book Collections Made Easy

My tea friends live on my bookshelves. There’s Norwood Pratt, Alda Ellis, Jane Pettigrew, Elizabeth Knight, Letitia Baldridge, Jill Yates, Pearl Dexter, Frank Murphy, Todd Walton, Katrina Munichiello, Lisa Richardson, Gretchen Iler and others. So many happy tea memories! And always looking forward to seeing familiar faces at World Tea Expo, Coffee Fest, SCAA, Fancy Food Show or Northwest Tea Festival….

Inspiration and enthusiasm abound when an easy method of cataloging books became available at a reasonable cost.

Tea books needed reviews (some are hot and some are not), etiquette books arranged mannerly, cookbooks sifted through, and theology books lifted to higher ground. The Dewey decimal system was decimated as well as destroyed.

Is there a single day(s) in your life that you could actually devote to hand typing your books into an Excel spread sheet to cross-reference titles, authors, ISBN’s, # pages, publishers, and then to capture cover photos.

You understand my squealing pleasure for the convenience of swiping the bar codes with a hand-held scanner by Collectorz.

Simplicity and Style in a Book Scanner

Collectorz’ has the software and tools available for tracking your library and then manipulating the information to suit your needs.

The screenshots show different ways to view information after entering books.  The software automatically searches and syncs your books to cover images and book details.

Titles by Author

Titles by Author

For the occasional book that did not sync, I did manual online searches and/or contacted authors for cover photos and permissions to use.

In the upper photo, sortation is by cover image.  If I’ve forgotten the title or author but know what the book looks like, I can find it by cover search.

If however, I want to organize by author or title, it’s a quick click to sort A-Z in a different direction.  There were interesting discoveries such as duplicates and triplicates of books.  I must have really loved those books and then of course because they weren’t organized and I couldn’t find them, I bought more copies.

Am I finished? No, but with Collectorz, book life is better controlled. You know the thought pattern for can’t find a book: where did I have it last? Did I loan it? Did I miss it? Do I have every title the author has written?

Reminders and task lists are another result: need to write book reviews, want to read again, want to cross-reference, want to buy another title, should buy this book for a friend.

The rating system is new in Collectorz 9. Version 8 helped weed out books destined for charitable donation. With the star rating system, if a book is less than 5-stars, why would a person really keep it?

Collectorz has database software for movies, music, games, videos, mp3’s, and comics. Life becomes more organized day by day.

Tell me about your books! And click over to Collectorz to help yourself to book organization simplified. No affiliation, by the way.


About the Author

Jennifer Petersen is a tea enthusiast, Certified Tea Professional, teaches various aspects about tea as a business, and a marketing consultant to the beverage industry. Always fascinated by other people who love tea, she is a life-long student and admirer of those who choose tea as a lifestyle.



What a lovely blog post you have. You must have an amazing library, too. I have been a fair weather friend to a group for 20 years called The Victorian Tea Clud Each month a book is read as they attend a tea at members homes or special locations for tea time.