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Children’s Party on a Shoe-String Budget

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Great Ideas For a Children’s Party

Creativity is important when generating great ideas to set up a children’s tea party. Store bought items are incredibly convenient but unnecessary depending on individual resources and available skill sets.

Great Children's Tea Party

Fun Ideas on a Shoe-String Budget

The following advice helps adults create a successful event.

Choose a Theme:

Decide what type of tea party to host. Talk with the guest of honor to select an overall theme: princess, Victorian, etc. Some children wish to emulate popular television or movie characters. Use the idea for future inspiration in the party planning process. This sets the flavor of the party. It is essential that you pick a theme which is well loved by the kids and is popular.

Select a Day and Time:

Write out a guest list to determine approximately how many guests will be at the event. Choose a party day that does not coincide with a major holiday or any other event. Decide whether morning (10 a.m. to 12 noon) or afternoon (2 p.m. to 5 p.m.) tea is appropriate for intended guests.

Create a Memorable Invitation:

Make sure the invitation coincides with the overall party theme. Construct invitations from light-colored paper and lace fabric scraps. Handwrite party details or use a computer printer. Visit selected websites with free tea party event templates to create a quick invite. Be sure to mail out invitations at least two weeks before the event. Ensure that you sent out the invites to all the members you have listed. Cross check with the list you have prepared so as not to miss any of the guests.

Get some Party Supplies:

Visit second-hand stores for lace tablecloths, napkins and teacups that create the right atmosphere. Consider purchasing teatime attire to help guests get into the party spirit. Look for tea party kits if time constraints are an issue. Obtain small toys and extra tea bags to create gift bags for departing guests. Remember that all these should coincide and gel with the theme you have selected for the tea party.

Set the Right Environment:

Download songs related to the party theme. Select pieces with “tea” in the title. Play songs lightly in the background and use special selections for party games during the event. Popular entertainment includes beanbag tosses and parent-assisted croquet matches.

Tea and Various Accompaniments:

Offer a range of teas dependent on guest ages. Make caffeine-free selections available for young children and weaker options for older guests. Display lighter foods like scones, candy and finger sandwiches on elaborate trays. Make sure alternatives such as juice and milk for guests who do not want tea are available. Ensure that you do not run out of food or drinks, so make sure the quantity is appropriate so as to avoid embarrassing situations.

An expensive party planner and tons of ready-made items are not necessary when planning the perfect children’s tea party. A little ingenuity goes a long way. Self-planning the event also creates an invaluable family project. It is fun to plan such projects so next time, make your plans with your family.

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