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6 Tips For Pulling Off The Perfect Children’s Party!

Posted on | September 15, 2013 | Comments

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The Perfect Children’s Party

Organizing a party can be hectic enough, but trying to plan a children’s party is even more challenging. Thankfully, there are certain basics you can follow in order to plan the perfect party for kids. Here are 6 important tips to keep in mind when planning a children’s party.

Choose a fun theme that is easy to execute

Children's Party Themes


Deciding to have a theme for a children’s parties is perhaps the best decision you will ever make. Not only does it help you focus your planning efforts and give it direction, it also creates a more engaging atmosphere for children at the party. Children love being creative and a theme party is just the perfect occasion for them to let loose and have a go and creating their own costumes for the party. Of course, when choosing a theme, make sure it is easy to execute.

Don’t let the party stretch on for too long

Children's Parties Time

When organizing a children’s party, remember to try to keep it short and simple. Children have fickle minds and get bored of things pretty quickly. Even an entertaining party can capture a child’s imagination for only so long. Make sure that the party wraps up before children start getting cranky. Other parents will be more than grateful to you for leaving them with a bunch of happy toddlers, fresh with the memories of an amazing party, rather than cranky kids who overstayed their welcome at the party.

Know the number of guests who will be showing up

Children's Party Guests

Always know the exact number of people that are going to show up for the party. This includes all the children as well as any adults who will be showing up to supervise or chaperone the party. Getting your numbers right is crucial for hosting a successful party; this is especially true for a children’s party where running out of ice-cream could lead to a minor riot breaking out. Knowing the exact number of guests will help you in the planning process and you can make sure you have enough of everything to go around.

Hire some professional entertainment

Children's Party Entertainment

Just because they are kids does not mean they can’t spot bad talent. You may fancy yourself a performer, but do yourself a favour and don’t try to be the entertainer at your kid’s party. Children can be pretty harsh critics and the main concern here is how easily it can deflate your morale, not to mention the hordes of unhappy kids you will have on your hands. Loosen your purse strings and shell out for a professional entertainer; it is one of the best investments you will ever make and you will thank yourself for it. Professional entertainers have tons of experience with children’s parties and know exactly how to keep kids enthralled and away from boredom.

Activities are a great form of crowd control

Children's Party Activity

Keeping kids under control in a party can be a massive challenge. Of course, you might be thinking why is it necessary to keep kids under control at a party; how can they enjoy themselves if they are under constant supervision? Truth is, if you let kids run riot, you can kiss your best-laid plans goodbye. The best way to keep kids in line is to keep kids in line is to keep them occupied. Scour the internet for activity ideas that have proven to work and other parents would highly recommend.

Keep food and drink simple

Children's Party Food

Food and drink options are a very important component of any party and a children’s party is no different.  For best results, keep food and drinks simple. Every parent will vouch for the fact that kids love simple foods the most; the more ‘gourmet’ you try to get, the more resistance the menu will face. It is amazing how much kids can enjoy themselves at a party simply with a few slices of pizza and some macaroni and cheese. A cake of course is a must. Similarly, keep the drinks options simple as well, preferably the less sugary the better. A portable pop-corn maker or a soda maker is a great way to it interactive for kids.

Follow the lessons from these 6 crucial tips and you will find your party planning skills getting accolades from the other parents, not to mention the adoration of your own children for a job well done.

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Ronald Johnson, the author of this post, is an event planner by profession. He is currently working with Party Arts which caters to creative party supplies for children’s birthdays. He has a very enthusiastic personality and he likes interacting with children.

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