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McCoy Pottery A Favorite After 150 Years

Posted on | August 10, 2010 | Comments

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Pottery Cups - Nelson McCoy
McCoy Brown Drip Cups

There’s something comforting about pottery tea ware,¬†teacups, dishes¬†and pottery works of art. I seem to gravitate to the pottery booths at Art Walk, street festivals and farmers’ markets. Local artisans aside, favorite pottery pieces are from Ohio Pottery makers.
The McCoy company’s been in business since the mid-1850’s and gone through a few corporate structural changes but their pottery can be found in many kitchens, garages and barns.
In 1910 Nelson McCoy along with his father jointly founded the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company in Roseville, Ohio for the manufacturing of functional and decorative stoneware. In addition to the manufacturing functions the company mined and sold clay to many of the area potteries.
The McCoy Mirror Brown Drip Glaze pattern is charming because no two pieces are alike. There are variations in the chocolate brown glaze as well as the white rim drip edging. The bottoms of each piece are dry-foot processed meaning they are unglazed during manufacture.
In 1933, the company name was changed to Nelson McCoy Pottery Company and collectors know the pieces marked as guess what? “The Real McCoy”!
Through company changes and as McCoy family members were no longer associated with the company, McCoy Nelson Pottery Company was closed in 1990. It’s charming, functional and economical pieces have now become the darling of antique pottery collectors.

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