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Fireside Cafe – Vancouver opens soon

Fireside Cafe, Vancouver, WA, opens its doors at 63rd & Andresen, in mid-May. Primarily a beverage location, their menu includes healthy salads and sandwiches as well as totally decadent “Death by Chocolate” on their dessert list.

Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere

Tea and chocolate go together like ….. hmmm…. well, tea goes with nearly everything so it’s no wonder we’re seeing mar-tea-nis, tea lattes, tea and chocolate facial masks. Tea and chocolate facial masks?! Imagine the skin restorative properties of those two together!

Minute Maid to Include Yerba Mate

Tea RTD (ready-to-drink) fans who enjoy ready made tea from the grocery store, may be intrigued by a new herbal energy beverage from Minute Maid, a division of Coca-Cola, which launched a new flavored drink, Strawberry Kiwi with Yerba Mate according to a Business Week press release.

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