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Restaurant Layout Impacts the Entire Vibe Of Your Space

No matter the nature of your business including running a restaurant and restaurant layout, when you run a restaurant there are countless little factors and unconscious signals that speak to a customer’s mood and that can impact their enjoyment of the experience and their chances of coming back.

Purple Tea – Kenya Tea Research

Purple tea joins high quality black, green and orthodox Kenya teas produced for export. The purple tea clones are pre-released as part of the government’s vision 2030 and Medium-Term Plan 2008-2012 (MTP), targeting new tea products diversification and value addition in order to enhance productivity of teas as well as to boost economic growth in the agricultural sector.

Running a Smart Restaurant: Customer Service Skills

One of the most effective ways to attract and keep a satisfied clientele is through outstanding customer service. The following smart brief restaurant tips illustrate ways to establish customer friendly service in your tea shop or tea bar.

8 Amazing Comfort Foods For When You Are Feeling Blue

Debate the health risks and after comfort blues and here are 8 amazing comfort foods to indulge in when you are feeling blue.

Baking Contest at Clark County Fair

The third annual Amazing Scone Baking Race is on Saturday, August 3, 2013 at Clark County Fair. So easy to enter! Just bake your scones at home, drop off your entry and recipe (using King Arthur Flour, please) before fair time Saturday morning. Judging is at 1:00.

Specialty Tea Institute in Charleston, S.C.

STI is offering an intensive 3 day session in Charleston, SC in which you will not only learn how to hone your presentation skills but also to immediately put them to practical use in a live classroom environment, all under the supervision of seasoned STI instructors and program developers. August 5-8, 2013 and an optional tea tour of the Charleston Tea Plantation – a Bigelow Company.

Tea India Notes

Did you know that the biggest buyer of tea from India is Russia? And the second largest buy of tea from India is Kazakhstan? Kazakhstan has a market size of 24 million kilograms per annum, and India meets almost half of this demand. During a visit by the Tea Board of India, major Indian tea exporters and importers will put up an exhibition and hold a tea-tasting session for the general public during the visit.

Easy Book Collections with Collectorz

 Libraries and Book Collections Made Easy My tea friends live on my bookshelves. There’s Norwood Pratt, Alda Ellis, Jane Pettigrew, Elizabeth Knight, Letitia Baldridge, Jill Yates, Pearl Dexter, Frank Murphy, Todd Walton, Katrina Munichiello, Lisa Richardson, Gretchen Iler and others. So many happy tea memories! And always looking forward to seeing familiar faces at World Tea […]

Books and Tea and Me

The Farmer in the Dell of Books Jennifer’s Book Farm – here a book, there a book, everywhere a book book. In one of those great organizational days with Brandie Kajino as an accountability partner, I decided that something simply had to be done about my books. If you love books as much as I […]

Valentine’s Day Tea Party Finds

Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.  Yes, it exceeds my love of all things Christmas! That’s a huge statement considering that I owned a part-time Santa’s Surplus store for nine years and sold Christmas décor year ’round for about ten years. Oh! Happy Day! Valentine’s Day is such a happy day. How can […]

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