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A Beginner’s Guide To 5 Sinfully Delicious Gluten-free Cakes

Is it time to throw away the old flour and try gluten-free cakes? We give you five absolutely heavenly gluten-free cakes you’ll never regret trying.

Road Trip Planner with the Family: How to Stay Sane

RVing with the family across the open road is a great idea for a vacation or a weekend getaway. Kids will make new friends, see new things and develop an appreciation for the world beyond their home. But how can mom and dad survive a family road trip with their sanity intact? Follow the road trip planner tips below and you’ll come out the other side of your vacation unscathed.

8 Amazing Comfort Foods For When You Are Feeling Blue

Debate the health risks and after comfort blues and here are 8 amazing comfort foods to indulge in when you are feeling blue.

King Arthur Flour Plans Fall Baking Classes

Bakers from around the world enjoy the finest flours and baking accessories from King Arthur Flour. They have an amazing selection of baking ingredients including chocolate (yes, chocolate). I use King Arthur Flour in all of my baking recipes especially when toying with tea recipes.

Children’s Party on a Shoe-String Budget

Great Ideas For a Children’s Party

Creativity is important when generating great ideas to set up a children’s tea party. Store bought items are incredibly convenient but unnecessary depending on individual resources and available skill sets.

Great Children’s Tea PartyFun Ideas on a Shoe-String Budget
The following advice helps adults create a successful event.

Choose a Theme:

Decide what type of tea party to host. Talk with the guest of honor to select an overall theme: princess, Victorian, etc. Some children wish to emulate popular television or movie characters. Use the idea for future inspiration in the party planning process. This sets the flavor of the party. It is essential that you pick a theme which is well loved by the kids and is popular.

The One Taste of Truth: Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea

In his new book, “The One Taste of Truth: Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea”, William Scott Wilson strips away the vanity from tea service and concentrates on the simplicity of all things tea which immediately raises the topic from simplicity to sublime. As he translates from common Chinese and Zen philosophy “found in Asia and printed on scrolls hanging scrolls in tea rooms, restaurant alcoves, family rooms, and martial arts dojos”, the reader is transported to another time and place.

Where is Tea Grown and Produced?

Tea has been a revered beverage for over 2,000 years. Today, it enjoys popularity as the second most widely consumed beverage in the world – second only to water. It even outranks coffee! What was originally discovered as a bush in China has now become the much heralded beverage of drinkers everywhere. China Chinese people […]

Save Money On Your Favorite Teas

How To Save On Your Favorite Teas Tea is a beverage loved by many. This is because tea is easy to make, can be consumed hot or cold and there are many different flavors available to choose from. Some people may not drink tea as often as they’d like because they feel it is too expensive and […]

4 Great Benefits Of Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is probably one of the most commonly known essential oils. It has been used for centuries as a fragrance in perfumes, soaps, and cleaners. And you may find it commonly in linen sachets and amongst lingerie. But there are many other powerful uses for pure lavender essential oil that you may be unaware.

Food 411: San Francisco

If you’re the type of diner who orders the same items off of the menu every time you eat out, this article may not be for you. If, on the other hand, you’re the type that is always to trying something new, you’ll love what you’re about to read. There are exciting adventures waiting for diners just about everywhere these days. Here are some of the hottest trends going on in San Francisco this year.

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