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Make Sun Tea – Solar Powered Iced Tea

Sun Tea? Today in the Pacific Northwest we have blazing hot temperatures. It’s absolutely perfect weather for iced tea, sun tea and veggie salads and sandwiches. I have mixed emotions about sun tea so here are some ideas for hot weather tea lunches and a caveat on making sun tea. Keeping the house cool and not using […]

It’s a Special Day! Kindle Countdown Deals

It’s Kindle Countdown Deal Day 1 What’s special about today? Many things, of course, and today the Kindle version of “17-76 Tea Party Award Winning Recipes” is on a Kindle Countdown Deals (a daily deal) for only 99 cents! That’s 17 Jam, Marmalade, Jelly and spreads for your favorite scones.  In the same cookbook and […]

Kindle Countdown Deals – Scone Recipes

Kindle Countdown Deals What are Kindle Countdown Deals? It allows readers and writers to take advantage of Kindle books that have been placed on sale from their original price. Want scone and jam recipes at a great price? The best selling “17-76 Tea Party Recipes – Award Winning Recipes” – a collection of 76 scone recipes and […]

King Arthur Flour Plans Fall Baking Classes

Bakers from around the world enjoy the finest flours and baking accessories from King Arthur Flour. They have an amazing selection of baking ingredients including chocolate (yes, chocolate). I use King Arthur Flour in all of my baking recipes especially when toying with tea recipes.

Free Kindle Cookbooks for Mother’s Day

Free Kindle Cookbooks for Mother’s Day Weekend.  Yes, three of my cookbooks are available this weekend only for free download at Amazon Kindle.  Enjoy!   Lavender Cookbook: Essential Lavender Recipes on Kindle   Cookbooks in general have always piqued my fancy and then I fell in love with lavender.  In this cookbook and recipe collection, […]

Tea Foodies Cooking with Tea

Tea and Food

It never ceases to amaze me that there is such a correlation between tea and food, culinary tea, tea and food pairings and tea tastings. Tea is currently a very popular topic with culinary insiders from the Culinary Institute of America to local tea tasting classes such as these (try search engines for “tea tasting class” and your city name): The Jasmine Pearl in Portland, OR, NW Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, Phoenix Tea who has a tea tasting club, Breakaway Cooking with Tea – San Francisco, or Cooking With Tea – Philip Gelb, amongst others.

Easy Book Collections with Collectorz

 Libraries and Book Collections Made Easy My tea friends live on my bookshelves. There’s Norwood Pratt, Alda Ellis, Jane Pettigrew, Elizabeth Knight, Letitia Baldridge, Jill Yates, Pearl Dexter, Frank Murphy, Todd Walton, Katrina Munichiello, Lisa Richardson, Gretchen Iler and others. So many happy tea memories! And always looking forward to seeing familiar faces at World Tea […]

San Francisco Sourdough: The Best of the Best

With hundreds of other bakeries that specialize in fresh San Francisco sourdough bread, even local die-hards can’t possibly have tried them all. If you have a free day in the city, take a bite of history and plan a walking tour of some San Francisco sourdough institutions.

National Oatmeal Month

It’s National Hot Tea Month and we’ve been celebrating at the Fancy Food Show and Specialty Tea Institute Tea education classes in San Francisco. Tea rooms, tea bars and specialty tea companies across the nation hosted tea classes, tea tastings and special tea events. It’s also National Oatmeal Month – see Berry Berry Oatmeal Scone recipe.

Earl Grey Cranberry Tea Bread Recipe

Earl Grey Cranberry Tea Bread Recipe – Earl Grey tea seems to always go well with fruits or citrus of any kind including oranges and cranberries. Any time of year is cranberry time and the new flavored dried cranberries are wonderful. Substitute Pomegranate or Blueberry Cranberries for a tweak, allow the bread to dry and then give it a sparse drizzly swiggle of royal icing.

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