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Tea Shop! Secrets to Create the Perfect Ambiance

Posted on | December 31, 2013 | No Comments

Starting a Tea Shop

If you’re starting your own tea shop, you’re probably already aware that the success of any cafe or restaurant depends on its atmosphere, as much as its menu. Even if you have the best Ceylon, Darjeeling and Earl Grey this side of the Atlantic, no one will want to sit and sip in a crowded, stuffy, or unpleasant venue! To build the best possible ambiance for your tea shop, here are a few tips.

Tea Time! Secrets to Create the Perfect Ambiance

Appropriate Tea Shop Music

There’s a time and a place for heavy metal music, and it isn’t in a tea bar or dainty tea shop. On the other hand, generic instrumentals won’t stand out any more than silence. Find a happy medium by establishing your tea shop’s theme and working outwards from there. For example, if you cater to a hip, casual crowd, they’ll expect to hear the latest Billboard pop; if you’re an Asian-inspired business, zithers will add a twang, and a touch of otherworldly mystery to your tea shop.

Beautiful Tea Shop Lighting

Florescent lights are for the bathroom. For the main floor, splurge on something beautiful and unique, like a grand chandelier in the center of the room, or a collection of tiny tea lights on every table. Don’t settle for standard-issue lighting fixtures, either; look for glass, crystal, or gold materials that will catch the light and sparkle over your guests.

Decorations For Your Tea Shop

What’s on your walls? What covers your windows? Colors are secondary to style in this regard, so worry less about paint, and more about what photos or prints you’ll be hanging later. In an ideal shop, your tea-drinkers will have plenty to occupy their attention while waiting in line, or working on their novels, so don’t skimp on the accents and accessories.

Coordinating Furniture

You’ll want to buy furniture in bulk to establish a soothing, flowing ambiance, where most everything matches, and nothing detaches the eye from the overall atmosphere. They don’t have to be identical pieces as long as they all contribute to the same picture, like chairs interwoven with the same designs,  wood and plastic restaurant tables made out of the same wood, et cetera. Of course, you can buy identical furniture too, especially for a romantic theme; nothing is cuter than a his-and-hers set!

These are just a few industry and tea school secrets for creating a mood in your cafe, restaurant, or tea shop. At the end of the day, it’s only one aspect of your success, with customer service, and drink quality being the facets of the big three. Keep all of them in mind to build your perfect tea shop!

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