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Need to Recapture Lost Tea Photos?

Posted on | December 2, 2013 | Comments

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Have You Lost Your Tea Photos?

Sometimes it seems that gremlins find their way into my Drop Box folder’s tea photos or the backup files.  I’m sharing my tip with you in case you have experienced the same issues.

If you’ve loaded your tea photos onto your web server, or not, but can see the photo on your screen, it’s easy to take a screen shot and resave to your tea photos file.

Snap-A-Shot Pro by Nice Kit

I use Snap-A-Shot Pro for screen capture, save as .jpg or .png and then edit with Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop.

And not just for lost tea photo recovery: today, I needed to capture part of Chariteas’ photos but they are coded for no right-click, save.

With Snap-A-Shot, screen capture was easy, the edit very simple, then an insert into an STI podcast discussing tea tutorials at Chariteas. (Reminder: always have photo credit permission before infringing upon intellectual property rights).

Chariteas sign3

Before: Chariteas’ Screen Capture Photo

After: Chariteas' Screen Capture

After: Chariteas’ Screen Capture

Chariteas sign

After: Chariteas’ Screen Capture and Adobe edit

Chariteas' STI Podcast

Chariteas’ STI Members’ Podcast

Capturing from the OLD Days

For updating materials from a James Barber website in the 1990’s, I wanted James to illustrate a new website whose archive is long gone thanks to a crashed computer.  Using the Way Back Machine, the entire website can be captured via screen shot.  Pretty nifty, hmm?

Leadership Skills' Global Protocol Page

Leadership Skills’ Global Protocol Page

Be Creative with Snap A Shot Pro

Whether you need to capture tea photos or archives from days gone by or for a new project, I highly recommend screen capture techniques. Transparency: I have an older version of SnapAShot Pro. If you want the sparkly new version, it’s free with blog post.

And if any of this just doesn’t make sense, feel free to leave a question!

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Jennifer Petersen is a tea enthusiast, Certified Tea Professional, teaches various aspects about tea as a business, and a marketing consultant to the beverage industry. Always fascinated by other people who love tea, she is a life-long student and admirer of those who choose tea as a lifestyle.