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Make Sun Tea – Solar Powered Iced Tea

Sun Tea? Today in the Pacific Northwest we have blazing hot temperatures. It’s absolutely perfect weather for iced tea, sun tea and veggie salads and sandwiches. I have mixed emotions about sun tea so here are some ideas for hot weather tea lunches and a caveat on making sun tea. Keeping the house cool and not using […]

A New High for Starbucks on the Magnificent Mile

Hello Starbucks! So long Crate & Barrel. In 2019, Starbucks is opening a new tourist attraction on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago, which I affectionately call the Billion Dollar Mile. It’s located in the former Crate & Barrel space. This makes it Starbucks’ largest planned location. Imagine what it would be like to have a 43,000 […]

Certified Tea Specialist Classes

Two Tea Filled Days! An intense tea education program, you’ll have two fun-filled and fact-filled days learning about tea history. Its origins. Its history. Enjoy the sensual side of tea, too. I’ll show you how! Specialty Tea Institute (STI) Certified Tea Specialist, is the only tea course and tea class endorsed by the Tea Council of the USA. You’ll proudly display your CTS […]

Cool Ideas for Making Iced Tea

Simple and fresh iced tea for spring? Absolutely! There are many beautiful sunny days that are just perfect for iced tea. In the Pacific Northwest, we amend the comment to beautiful sunny days here and there. Tea leaves are a wide variety and flavored teas expand the possibilities even further. As a standalone beverage, it’s thirst-quenching but […]

Fireside Cafe – Vancouver opens soon

Fireside Cafe, Vancouver, WA, opens its doors at 63rd & Andresen, in mid-May. Primarily a beverage location, their menu includes healthy salads and sandwiches as well as totally decadent “Death by Chocolate” on their dessert list.

Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere

Tea and chocolate go together like ….. hmmm…. well, tea goes with nearly everything so it’s no wonder we’re seeing mar-tea-nis, tea lattes, tea and chocolate facial masks. Tea and chocolate facial masks?! Imagine the skin restorative properties of those two together!

Green Tea Helps Prevent Eye Disease

Substances found in green tea work their way into the tissues of the eye and could protect against common eye diseases like glaucoma, researchers say.

Tea Prices Fluid in 2010

Just as the good news that tea prices may stabilize in 2010, in comes cold water to douse our hopes. Tea importers into the USA are attempting to soften the impact to consumers. Tea prices will more than likely have a significant increase in 2010.

Tea Prices to Hold Steady in 2010

As tea drinkers become more knowledgeable about tea’s health benefits, broad variety of appealing tastes, and tea community, the demand for tea outpaced production between 2005 and 2009 coinciding with the surge in prices due to drought in Asia and Africa.

Winter Fancy Food Show

NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show, San Francisco, CA

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