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Cool Ideas for Making Iced Tea

Simple and fresh iced tea for spring?
Absolutely! There are many beautiful sunny days that are just perfect for iced tea. In the Pacific Northwest, we amend the comment to beautiful sunny days here and there. Tea leaves are a wide variety and flavored teas expand the possibilities even further.
As a standalone beverage, it’s thirst-quenching but the possibilities […]

Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere

Tea and chocolate go together like ….. hmmm…. well, tea goes with nearly everything so it’s no wonder we’re seeing mar-tea-nis, tea lattes, tea and chocolate facial masks. Tea and chocolate facial masks?! Imagine the skin restorative properties of those two together!

Green Tea Helps Prevent Eye Disease

Substances found in green tea work their way into the tissues of the eye and could protect against common eye diseases like glaucoma, researchers say.

Tea Prices Fluid in 2010

Just as the good news that tea prices may stabilize in 2010, in comes cold water to douse our hopes. Tea importers into the USA are attempting to soften the impact to consumers. Tea prices will more than likely have a significant increase in 2010.

Tea Prices to Hold Steady in 2010

As tea drinkers become more knowledgeable about tea’s health benefits, broad variety of appealing tastes, and tea community, the demand for tea outpaced production between 2005 and 2009 coinciding with the surge in prices due to drought in Asia and Africa.

Minute Maid to Include Yerba Mate

Tea RTD (ready-to-drink) fans who enjoy ready made tea from the grocery store, may be intrigued by a new herbal energy beverage from Minute Maid, a division of Coca-Cola, which launched a new flavored drink, Strawberry Kiwi with Yerba Mate according to a Business Week press release.

Coca Cola Pilots Tea Brewing Machine

A machine that can brew at least 18 varieties of iced tea at a time is being tested by Coca-Cola. The machine, called Flex Fresh, would brew tea by the cup, pitcher or gallon, adding sweeteners and flavors.

Green Tea Matcha – The Heart of Japanese Tea

Matcha (pronounced mah-chah) is the heart of the Japanese way of tea, and it has been celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years. The stylized formal ritual involves special cups, ladles, hot pots of water, and matcha, frothed and foamy from brisk stirring with a bamboo whisk.

Hibiscus – the new “in” herbal flavor?

What’s used to brew the teas and make the beverages is the part called the calyx, or “the outer shell of the flower. They turn red and are kind of fleshy, and they have sort of a sour, lemonade-y taste.”
Judy Hevrdejs, Tribune Newspapers
Looking for teas that feature hibiscus as an ingredient?

Food & Beverage Trends Webcasts

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