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Puer Tea – Tea Class

Tea Class – Puer Tea
In San Francisco, Phil Parda is teaching the Specialty Tea Institute’s Level III, Pu-erh Tea class.  The class is precise, hands-on, and includes pu-erh tea tastings. Phil knows his tea stuff. The first time that I heard him speak about pu-erh was at the STI tea symposium in Seattle about ten years ago.
Classes […]

Tea and Food Pairings

Tea and Food Pairings
I’ve never really given much thought to tea and food pairings. Ti Kuan Yin, Matcha and a Ceylon/Assam blend seem to be the tea caddies that I refill most often. When in a wild mood, I’ll make a pot of Sencha Kyoto, Kenya CTC or Assam FTGFOP. And never, ever a cup […]

Tea and Food Culinary Class – New!

Tea and Food Culinary Class
Tea In a Food Service Environment

Savvy chefs and restaurateurs are including specialty tea in their menus  – both culinary and beverage menus. Consumer interest and specialty tea sales have trended an upward surge over the last five years – okay, I’ll write it.  Tea sales are HOT.
Tea’s upward trends is somewhat comparative to specialty coffee. Guests expect a […]

Congratulations! Gourmet Tea Leaders

Gourmet Tea and Fancy Food
The Specialty Food Association announced the winners of its second annual Leadership Awards honoring influential and innovative entrepreneurs who are transforming the way the $86 billion specialty food industry does business.

The winners by category are: Citizenship: Tyler Gage, co-founder and co-CEO, Runa Tea, Brooklyn, N.Y. (shown here); Business Leadership: Ron Rubin, […]

Merry Christmas Cheer to You!

Merry Christmas
It’s a wonderful time of year with peace, love and unity are in our hearts. The video, “Say Merry Christmas” is a good reminder that Christmas is not about shopping or the gifts or a holiday.

Lyrics to “Say Merry Christmas” are available for free download.

Need to Recapture Lost Tea Photos?

Gremlins find their way into my Drop Box folder’s tea photos or backup files. It’s easy to take a screen shot and resave to a tea photos file. Here’s how.

Holiday Wonder Diet for Stress Relief

Holiday Wonder Diet
How about some unsagely advice?
The Absolutely….Without Fail….Holiday Wonder Diet.
Here’s a little remedy I found for holiday stress in my life – not that I adhere to it religiously, but it does have its merits.
This Holiday Wonder Diet is designed to help relieve holiday stress.  It has proven especially beneficial to people employed in […]

6 Christmas Traditions Followed Around the World

Christmas Traditions, Dinners and Celebrations
A lot of countries have different Christmas traditions, so I thought it would be fun to look at what they have on their dinner plate on the big day.
You’re probably used to a traditional turkey dinner you enjoy every Christmas. Even the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a few other […]

5 Best Featured Restaurants In Sitcoms And Movies

Restaurants in Sitcoms
It is a well known and often acknowledged fact that a certain restaurant, café or pub plays a very important role in our lives. These specific spots apart from serving food, coffee and drinks, work as a mood-enhancer, comfort-provider and a place where all your best friends meet and discuss why the Lannisters […]

It’s a Special Day! Kindle Countdown Deals

It’s Kindle Countdown Deal Day 1
What’s special about today? Many things, of course, and today the Kindle version of “17-76 Tea Party Award Winning Recipes” is on a Kindle Countdown Deals (a daily deal) for only 99 cents!
That’s 17 Jam, Marmalade, Jelly and spreads for your favorite scones.  In the same cookbook and recipe collection, […]

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